Precision Dose

Graco’s Precision Dose Dispense System pumps, meters, mixes and dispenses a variety of boosted sealant and adhesive products. It is designed to inject small amounts (1-3%) of booster paste into sealants and adhesives based on urethane or modified silane (MS) chemistry. Boosting these materials speeds cure time, therefore improving factory productivity and saving valuable floor space.


System Controls

  • PLC that controls and monitors system
  • Controls firing of Booster Valve, monitors adhesive and booster levels and overall performance

Material Feed

  • King 65:1 Check-Mate™ Severe Duty adhesive pump
  • 23 liter (5 gal) or 200 liter (55 gal) pump options available
  • Provides consistent flow of high viscosity sealants and adhesives

Booster Feed

  • Choose from 23 liter (5 gallon) pail or 600 ml (20 fl. oz.) sausage pack

Dispense Hose

  • Includes 2 hoses, air lines and gun switch cable (length depends on application requirements)
  • High-pressure synthetic rubber core hose designed for use with moisture-cure materials

2K Ultra-Lite Dispense Valve

  • Choose from hand-held or machine mount
  • Disposable, air-operated valve that does not require flushing
  • Designed to handle wide volume ratios

Custom Configurations

We have extensive experience assessing and pairing material with the appropriate equipment to find the precise solution. If our standard systems and equipment don’t meet your needs, we’ll design and build a solution that will.

Helping You Develop & Test

We understand the importance of exploring equipment and testing materials during your product development process. Our state-of-the art testing and development facilities are here to help.

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Brochures & Literature

Precision Dose Brochure


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