Aerospace OEM Improves Throughput with New Electrostatic Paint Spray Gun Cap

Round spray air cap produces pattern ideal for cylindrical parts.

CUSTOMER: Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

GRACO EQUIPMENT: Pro Xp Electrostatic Spray Gun – Round spray cap

CHALLENGE: An original equipment manufacturer found finishing small cylindrical parts for aerospace products a challenge. Their Pro Xp Electrostatic Spray Guns worked well, but they produced a flat spray pattern that sometimes caused runs as paint wrapped around certain parts.

Due to stringent aerospace standards, one pass wasn’t good enough. Those parts had to be dried and then get a second coat.

SOLUTION: Needing to improve throughput, the paint line manager tried the new round spray cap on their Pro Xp Electrostatic Spray Guns. The accessory produces a round, soft, bell-shaped pattern that’s ideal for round or cylindrical objects.

Pro Xp electrostatic paint gun with a round spray tip

RESULTS: Paint line operators immediately noticed a difference. The round spray cap allowed them to get the paint around small cylindrical parts without causing runs. 

With the round spray air cap, they now can coat their parts in one pass to meet quality standards -- and greatly improve throughput.

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