No More Running Around

Military vehicle finisher finds solution to small batch mixing in paint room's hazardous area with ProDispense wireless start/stop switch.

Wireless Start/Stop Switch Allows Control Inside Hazardous Area

CUSTOMER: Military vehicle finisher

GRACO EQUIPMENT: ProDispense Wireless Start/Stop Module and Hazardous Location IS Power Barrier Kit

CHALLENGE: A large military vehicle finisher had an expensive process that led to unreliable mixing and wasted material. They needed a better way to mix small batches of three materials throughout the production cycle. They were working with a:

  • Three-component waterborne chemical agent resistant coating (CARC)
  • Two-component epoxy primer 
  • Single-component waterborne coating

Each material required different recipes and volumes.

Because each batch was small and specific, the company would order each material by the gallon and mix each recipe by hand inside the paint room.

Electronic dispensing was the only real way to improve. However, there wasn’t a cost effective way to manage the electronic controls from inside the hazardous area. The paint line manager felt that going back and forth would be too much of a hassle.

SOLUTION: Graco was offering a new intrinsically safe (IS) wireless start/stop switch for the ProDispense electronic fluid dispense and meter system.

Their local distributor and Graco account representative explained it would allow them to regulate the electronic controls from inside the hazardous area. This meant no running around, just quick, easy, accurate dispensing. 

ProDispense wireless start/stop wireless start/stop module includes transceivers, connecting cables, start/stop and more.

RESULTS:  Two years after installation, the ProDispense intrinsically safe wireless start/stop switch has brought efficiency to their paint room processes.

  • The paint room attendant no longer needs to hand mix paint and has found a cost effective way to control electronic dispensing inside the hazardous area.
  • Precise accuracy has reduced material waste and provided more consistent finish.
  • Increased process predictability has allowed them to order material in bulk, moving from one gallon to 55-gallon orders.

The ProDispense system with six fluid panels and the intrinsically safe wireless start/stop switch added convenience and efficiency. There was no way they could go back. 

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