Transfer Efficiency Increases 30% with ProBell Atomizer

Paint line improves aluminum extrusion finishing, sending a lot less back to touch-up booth.

Transfer efficiency to aluminum extrusions improves with rotary bell applicators

CUSTOMER: Aluminum and vinyl windows and doors manufacturer

GRACO EQUIPMENT: ProBell Rotary Applicator, Informer

CHALLENGE: One of the United State’s largest suppliers of aluminum and vinyl windows and doors began noticing issues with aluminum extrusion finishing.

These factors led to wasted material, increased downtime, and overall inefficiency on the paint line.

  • Diminishing transfer efficiency: To paint window trims, they were using four Ransburg Aerobell electrostatic rotary atomizers placed on reciprocators. Since only two atomizers worked consistently, aluminum extrusions often went from the paint line to the touch-up booth for better coverage that met the manufacturer’s high standards.
  • Unavailable replacement parts: The older models were difficult to maintain and repair. They broke down into more than 30 parts that could not easily be replaced.
  • Manual system configuration: The operator had to set knobs and dials “just so.” If he were off for any reason, it would take his replacement a lot of extra time just to get settings dialed in.

SOLUTION: With Informer in-line fluid monitoring, they benchmarked their material use.

After having a better idea of their situation, they set up a side-by-side comparison between their two working Ransburg Aerobells and two Graco ProBell Rotary Applicators.

During the three-month trial, company representatives noticed these differences on the Graco side:

  • A lot less aluminum extrusions were sent back to the touch-up booth.
  • Each applicator had no more than eight parts for which replacements were readily available, although they weren’t needed.
  • Operators easily preset customized settings, based on color and size, to optimize their spray patterns.

RESULTS: Their side-by-side comparison reported an increase in transfer efficiency of nearly 30 percent with the Graco ProBell Rotary Applicators.

Paint line operators found Graco ProBell system controls easy-to-use. Their ability to control presets from the user interface allowed them to decrease downtime and improve efficiency.

The company replaced all four Ransburg Aerobells with four Graco ProBell Rotary Applicators.

The plant manager continues to notice less aluminum extrusions being sent back for touchups.

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