Insulating Glass

Proper adhesion and sealing of insulating glass units (IGU) is a critical part of window and door durability and performance. Primary and secondary sealing of multiple pieces of glass locks out moisture and adds structural stability to insulated glass panels.  An accurate desiccant application removes any moisture trapped in the gas space between the glass panes preventing condensation while improving insulating performance.  Thermal transmittance or U-value is also reduced by spacers or lineals that utilize structural foam materials as part of the window frame construction process.

Consistent heat control to address ambient temperatures, viscosities and cure properties of a fast-bonding material or a two component (2K) sealant is a must for a consistent application. Graco equipment is designed and built to provide accurate, on-ratio mixing and a consistent flow rate of adhesive sealant materials to deliver superior sealing applications and provide highly structural thermal barriers. Learn more about the Graco systems that help window & door manufacturers and OEM glass suppliers deliver quality products and improve throughput: the Graco Therm-O-Flow® for hot melt materials, the Hydraulic Fixed Ratio (HFR) metering system for plural component (2K) materials and other Graco supply systems for dispensing a multitude of materials for a variety of application tolerances at various temperature requirements.

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